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In addition to the creation and knives manufacture, I’m offering a competitive professional knives-sharpening service: 30 cents/cm.

And for the pros, there is an “affûtomètre” and its sliding scales.

affutage forfaits pros

Did you put the Grandma knives in the dishwasher and you have the handle on one side, the blade on the other ?


Did your chef's knife fall to the ground (or did you open the jam’s jar with it) and the tip is broken ?


The horn handle of your little pocketknife lost the glow of his youth ?


Do you dream of having your initials engraved on the blade of your favourite knife ?


The riveting of your pocketknife is loose and the blade is shaking ?


Do you want to customize your kitchen knives with a small crafted filework ?

Are you tired of your wooden handle and want kryptonite instead ?

All this can be maintain, repair or customize.


Come to the workshop or send me a picture.

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